Past Shows – Artists & Songs


Various new releases

ArtistSong TitleDuration
1The Humble CartelDay For Night
2Tyler LoretteMovin On
3ONE UGLY COWBOYCanadian Bacon
4Lookout TowerLong Shot
5Glen Foster GroupFinal Act Of Defiance
6The Hello DarlinsSea That Meets The Sky (feat JD Edwards)
7Two Late To The PartyDoing My Best
8Stone PoetsBeauty of it All
9Jed and the ValentineMineral
10The Denim DaddiesLivin’ On The Road
11Gary CainI Don’t Care What You Say
12Amanda RheaumeIntruder
13Slow HoneyPeel Away
14Thomas Iverson’s BandBlinded
15Billy the Kid & your FuneralFallout


Charlie A’Court


1: Dancing At The Dirty O

2: If This Is Love (I’d Rather Have The Blues) – COVER

3: I Hope I Get To Heaven

4: Sun Is Gonna Shine

5: All I Need

6: July Josephine

7: Chains Of Gold

8: Carolina

9: Toast & Jam

10: El Fuego


Various New Releases

ArtistSong TitleDuration
Allen DobbBlack and White 191200:04:34
Alanna MattySerotonin00:04:40
Tyson Ray BorsboomLive and Learn00:04:14
David KrystalYou Don’t Have To00:03:50
Jordana DelgadoThe Cradle00:02:38
Vanessa MoodAnchored00:03:18
Rubber Tire Peep ShowMount Albert Fair00:05:07
Mortimer, Be Quiet.Dare To Hope00:03:57
Becky ProkovaWasn’t Easy00:03:39
The Brothers GMonte Carlo00:02:00
OleyadaPor Siempre00:03:30
Ocean Charter Of ValuesOpine00:02:55
Jay GavinTherapy00:03:02
Vintage LapointeWEAKEN00:04:22


Various New Releases

Flint & FeatherWe Belong Together00:03:19
Gillian HayApartment00:03:28
NightshiftsJust How It Should Go00:03:15
AwakeneersMore Than You Know00:03:20
Mallory ChipmanBlindfolded00:04:15
Blue AcresBalmoral Falls00:02:52
Dara SchindelkaPretty Polly00:03:40
Jackson KlippensteinOne Piece at a Time00:04:15
me:sheSomeone’s Knocking00:04:09
Argel MDRCan’t Let Go00:03:33
Guy Paul ThibaultTable For One00:03:41
Elyse AerynCherries


ECMA A selection of 2024 Nominees

Jimmy RankinHarvest Highway00:03:38
Jenn GrantAll Of This Time00:03:14
Tim BakerLeaving on the Evening Tide00:04:04
Lookout TowerYearning Ways00:03:26
Bill BrennanShadows00:02:13
Youngtree & The BloomsI’m Not That Anymore00:04:20
Gina BurgessRavens On The Roof00:04:47
PallmerFreshet (clean)00:03:45
Ana & EricHope00:02:59
Jessica Rhaye & The Ramshackle ParadeSunshine Baby00:05:01
Choral Tribute to Robbie SmithTruly  Home
Avery DakinBloom 00:03:21
Wayne NicholsonTrust Turns To Dust
Carleton StoneFences00:03:46
Good Dear GoodOther Thing00:02:55


Various New Releases 

David MylesBreak Free00:04:54
Ashley AdamsBlue Collar Blues00:03:37
Atlin MorganHibernate00:01:58
Chad PriceLove Song 00:02:46
5omersetTry To Hold On00:03:39
pax. & Mikayla LaneJealous00:03:00
The Humble CartelBad Habits00:03:02
Mattie leonCover Band00:03:40
Adrian GlynnWhen I Close My Eyes00:04:30
Marc AudetAnother Chance00:03:48
Allen DobbBlack And White00:04:34
Jon GantGood Things In Life00:02:07
Natasha RoldánEl Perdón00:02:48
Chase CouleeSip These Beers And Cry00:03:51
Jeff VidovThe timelessness of our love00:04:37
Lookout TowerYearning Ways00:03:26
Jane’s PartyCommon Guys00:03:00


Steeple Green Concert – Mel Farrimond, Ian Sherwood, Alanna Matty, Robert Campbell

Ian Sherwood Stay Calm In The Middle of The Fight

Mel Farrimond See us Through

Robert Campbell Love Makes One

Alanna Matty Don’t Save Me A Seat

Ian Sherwood Non Believer

Mel Farrimond What About Hope

Robert Campbell Without Friends

Alanna Matty Swimming

Mel Farrimond Moon Song

Robert Campbell A Simple Life

Ian Sherwood We’re Not Alone


Various – Earshot except track 1

ArtistSong TitleDurationLabel
Paul de MarcoNo Ceiling
Noah MalcolmJanuary [Clean]00:03:05Noah Malcolm’s Company
Jeff Plankenhorn10 Keep Me On Your Mind00:04:31Jeff Plankenhorn’s Company
Cam BlakeRED TAPE00:02:50Adagio Music Inc.
Benzo BereaBenzo Berea – Benzos00:02:53Benzo Berea
Joseph TennantNewborn Day00:02:55Joseph Tennant’s Company
Austin Eatman BandAbby Row00:05:12Austin Eatman’s Company
Eddie CoffeyThe Marijuana Song00:02:32Eddie Coffey’s Company
Skye HollandSkye Holland – Just Wanna Dance00:02:53Prodigy Music Group Ltd.
Tyson Ray BorsboomFour Years00:04:23Tyson Ray Borsboom’s Company
Ryan McMahonOne More Fire00:03:37Elbowroom Recordings Ltd.
BiG SiSSYBlack Starr Planet00:03:48BiG SiSSY’s Company
Andrew RodgersAndrew Rodgers – Downtown00:03:45Andrew Rodgers’s Company
Wandering ArrowsSomeone Let Me Out00:03:01Wandering Arrows’s Company
PallmerSwimming [clean]00:03:36Pallmer


Various – @!Earshot

Justin MakiNew Years00:03:29Justin Maki’s CompanyYesNo
Slo’ TomBytown New Years Eve00:03:18TenvoltYesNo
Paul deMarcoSnowfall In The City00:03:50YesYes
FeathershipDream Aloud00:02:40Ray-OnYesNo
Raw HoneyThis Year (Raw Honey)00:04:18Raw HoneyYesNo
Lana WinterhaltMore Time With You00:04:05Lana WinterhaltYesNo
Angela VerbruggeCold and Hot Blues00:04:08Angela VerbruggeYesNo
Melanie Peterson“May I Have Your Midnight?”00:03:12GET THE MESSAGE PublicityYesNo
Mushkat (Bill TravisSlow, slow period
Slingshot MiracleNew Years Eve00:04:23Slingshot MiracleYesNo
Tillers FollyWinter
TrinsicateTrinsicate – Solutions – 11 – On New Year’s00:03:39Trinsicate’s CompanyNoNo
Johanna SillanpaaHappy New Year00:04:32Chronograph RecordsYesNo
Dan MoxonNew Year’s Day00:03:14Cordova Bay RecordsYesNo
Theo MassopThe Alpha and The Omega


Various (mostly from Earshot!)

Jon Mullane – The Best Christmas

John Hewitt – Prairie Christmas

Barbra Lica – On Christmas Eve

Jason Andrew Griffith – The Gift

Alex Sampson – This Christmas

Rob Fillo – Halfway Through The Dark

Malcolm Scott – Blame It On The Blues

The McDades – Dreaming On A Yuletide Night

Larry Peach – Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Suzie Ungerleider  – After The Holidays

Suzie Ungerleider  – City Snow

Jan Edwards  – Nutcracker Dream

Robert Campbell – Perfect Gift

Paul DeMarco – Lonely Holy Night

Jan Edwards- My 


Meaghan Smith + 

MS – Cold This Christmas

MS – Christmas Kiss

MS – Let’s Always stay in Love

MS – Fa-la-la-la Falling

MS – It Snowed

Ivan Boudreau – Jingle Bell It!

Sylvie Marie – Christmas L-O-V-E Luv

Campbell + Green – Christmas IN Paris

Campbell + Green – Ready-Made Christmas


Cruikshanks Open Mic

Noah Tye – New Scotland  

Michael Butz – Sorry Won’t Cut It Anymore

Bruce Murray = Fair Winds & Following Seas

Alex Connoly – 

Adria Jackson – Halifax Shore

Claire & Seamus – I’ll Find A Place For You Here

Hanna Marcienne  – See The Light

Owen Darrah

Wild blue rose – when the winter comes

Sandy Greenberg – Let Me Come into your Kitchen 

Dusty Keleher

Bill travis – wasted on the young


Freya Milliken  

Track list pending


Jackson Weldon – Next To Me

Rose Cousins – Avalanche (acoustic version)


Hearts Of Kin

Track List Pending


Ian Sherwood

Track list pending


Brent Mason

Songlist pending


Chris Ricketts – Interview, tracks and live concert excerpts

Gosport Town

Chipped, Cracked, Beaten And Broken

Old And New Friends

Help Us On Our Way
One More Pull

Boston & St. Johns (ALAN DOYLE)

Cross Dressing Sailor

Keep Haulin’ 

All Stand Together

Apologies on missing weeks – Sick and then in Vancouver nd had a hell of a time!


EB Anderson

Pending list



Dennis Ellsworthperfect stormelectric starsdusk dreams
Steve Sainasgot your lovesimple as this
Mel Farrimond55 daysmoon songbattleground
dave gunningghosts of pictou countylook what you’ve donefisher of these watersthe same storm


Indigenous Mix

Kwana Li – Morgan Toney

16 – Deedee Austin

Nipiy kiskihitin – Sherryl Sewepagaham


Freya Milliken w/ Reuben Gilbert &


Darrel Cameron, Two Body Problem show 


Ray Bonneville

Track list pending


Dave Carroll 

Are You Ready?

When The World Stops Ending

Smooth Legs & Other Beauty

The Fallen & The Brave

The Place That I Call Home


United Breaks Guitars

Mile A Minute

The Lies You Spin



Fall at Your Feet


Youngtree & Carole Bee


Geoff Arsenault

9 steps to Gumbo 

High Time 


I ain’t locked down  

Bangkok Dogs 

Cajun Soul 

Two Bodies One Soul

It Ain’t Real

Good Morning Rooster

Set Them Straight 


Dali Van Gogh (redux)

Pending list from Isaac Kent


Graham Nicholas

Weary Kind

Roll Me Up

Getting by with less

Julie Truly

Black creek

Side of the Road

The Dish & The Spoon

Every Dog Brings It’s Own Fleas

Venice Is Sinking


Terra Spencer

Other People’s Wives

Messi (hoarder)

At Your Service


Lord, Don’t Come Around Anymore

Brick & Mortar

Good Friends

20 Years In


Bill Stevenson



Chris Ricketts – Interview, tracks and live concert excerpts

Gosport Town

Chipped, Cracked, Beaten And Broken

Old And New Friends

Help Us On Our Way
One More Pull

Boston & St. St. Johns (ALAN DOYLE)

Cross Dressing Sailor

Keep Haulin’ 

All Stand Together

2023 – 07 – 29 (Redux from February)

Brian Bourne

How Many Days

Rockin at midnight 

Back To Brazil

Jenn Grant



How I Loved You

Andrew Newton 

I couldn’t leave

Another way to say goodbye

Dreams of gold

Dan Dorion

Ridin The Rods

The Letter 

Cheap Trick

Live Centre Stage


Aaron English

New Day

Shadow Of A Doubt

Wild At Heart

Afande (policeman)

Jackson Weldon 

Next To Me

Andrew Henman

Velvet Rose

Ivan Boudreau 

Till I Get Back to you

Mel Farrimond 

It takes time

Brian Doucette 

happy place

Michelle Calder


Brett Ryan Stewart

The Bend

Bill Travis / Mushkat

Look At Yourself

Marcus Gaven

consequence of love

every passing moment